Available to Anyone

  • Hub City Homeless Outreach Team, Kim Townsend. City of Hattiesburg, Homeless Coordinator 601.325.058:3
    Street & encampment outreach.
  • Bethesda Project, 207 Florence St, Hburg 601.325.5249 Lwbridges1@aol.com, housing assistance, money training, purchase counseling, predatory lending.
  • Mississippi Balance of State Continuum of Care
  • MUTEH: MS United To End Homelessness. 601.960.0557. This office is in Jackson.
  • WINGS Homeless Prevention. 601.551.2330. The name is actually (Women in Need of Good Shelter) but we think they help multiple demographics. They are located at 123 S. 27th Ave behind Shoney’s Restaurant. Homeless prevention means they are close to getting kicked out. The funding for this program is sporadic. They are open Tuesday – Saturday 9 a.m. – 6 p.m.
  • Christian Services, 301 East 2nd St. Hburg 601.582.5686. noon meals, meals on wheels, temp housing, emergency help with food, rent, utilities.
    • They have started (Feb 2019) an intensive “Liberty Program” a disciplined training program broken down into phases over 12-months. For detailed info call 601.582.5683.
  • Fieldhouse for the Homeless, 5712 Hwy 49 South, Hburg, 601-336-4055, President-Priscilla Brown, VP-Cynthia Young, info@fieldhouseforthehomeless.com. They provide Counseling, Personal Hygiene Supplies, Showers, Washer, Dryer, Transportation, Bus Tokens, access to telephones, access to computers, access to clothing, family reunification assistance, pre employment training and support, State ID assistance, emergency food and shelter, application assistance for SSI, VA Benefits, SNAP, FAFSA, legal assistance, health care, housing opportunities, and jobs. pre assembled boxes of supplies, food, home furnishings,mattresses, TV’s, etc to help with the transition from homelessness, into a safe and secure home environment.
  • Lighthouse Mission, 204 Eupora St. Hburg 601.544.2469, 601.582.5900 (Ken Thronson), lighthouserescuemission.org, homeless families, food, shelter, short and long term, GED and other tng.
  • Salvation Army Hattiesburg, (NOTE: Due the the 2017 Tornado, H’burg is closed until further notice), 5670 Hwy 49, 601.544.3683,  opens at 5pm for 17 men, 4 women, plus local hotel accommodation for overload, emergency lodging and meals for transients, homeless families, and dislocated individuals. Individualized case plans for benefits and services. Access to showers. (may have to vacate early in morning)
  • Salvation Army on the coast 228.762.7222.
  • Salvation Army Laurel, 205 N. 13th Ave. 601.428.4232, Mr. Van Williams. MUST have a current photo government ID. If the person has children, they must have birth certificates showing the adult going to the shelter is listed as a parent on the certificate.  There is an open-check-in 5-9pm with official intakes starting in the mornings. NOTE: Other government funded housing help streamline people coming from Salvation Army shelters.
  • Abundant Grace (in Moss Point) 228.627.4823
  • Faith Tabernacle 228.374.5606
  • God’s Homeless Haven (Jackson, 601.720.5078)
  • DISMAS Charities Inc. (H’burg, 601.582.0843 & 601.582.0859) dismas.com .  This is the only Half-Way Home in H’burg. Requirement: The individual must still be in Federal prison to qualify to go to the half-way home and assigned by a judge.
  • Pinebelt Mental Health 601.544.4641.  While not technically a homeless program, many of the people you deal with will have mental issues. If there is a mental crisis while dealing with someone, ask for PB’s Crisis Team. Usually they want to do an intake session with the person. The standard intake days are Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday at 8:am. If it’s a particular issue, it’s a good idea to call ahead to give them a heads up (according to “Tamra”).

Available to Women

Available to Single Mothers

  • Domestic Abuse Family Shelter, PO Box 273, Laurel 39441, 601.428.1707, 24hr Crisis Line 800.649.1092, Hburg shelter-601.582-2102.